Winning the Race Against Egypt’s Summer… in Record Time

Winning the Race Against Egypt’s Summer… in Record Time

July 16, 2015 at 04:07pm

There’s a race going on in Egypt … a race against the sun.

Every day, the weather gets a little warmer; fans, air blowers and air conditioners run a little longer, and demand for electricity rises just a little more. GE and its partners are racing against the sun and rising temperatures to bring 2.6 gigawatts (GW) of new power to the grid by the end the summer.

The good news for millions of Egyptians and countless industrial firms and companies is that GE and its partners are already winning the race — the current project execution represents a record time for GE on a project of this scale.

Already, the company has added 1.84 GW of new power to the nation’s grid in just seven month since work on the Egyptian Power Boost Program began. Additionally, work will be ongoing until the project’s completion by the end of the summer.

The full 2.6 GW of electricity — from 46 turbines distributed across 14 locations nationwide will pro-vide enough power to meet the electricity needs of an additional 2.5 million Egyptian households during some of the hottest months of the year .Industrial manufacturers, too, will benefit from the increased electricity reliability that the new power generating capacity is bringing.

In May of this year, the company’s 9E heavy-duty gas turbines delivered the first phase of power to the grid. Today, seven months following contract signing, 10 9E units have begun commercial operation, adding 1250 megawatts to the grid. 9E gas turbines lead the industry in fuel flexibility. The turbines are capable of operating with more than 52 types of fuels and have the ability to switch fuels while running on full load. They also provide Dry Low NOx combustion, making them environmentally friendly. An additional two 9E gas turbines are expected to come online later this summer.

Additionally, GE’s TM 2500+ and LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbines are generating today 590 megawatts of power to the nation with an additional 540 megawatts that are currently in process of going online. GE’s TM2500+ and LM6000 mobile aeroderivative gas turbine generators have the capability to provide full power within 10 minutes, and are ideal for providing a base-load bridge to permanent power installations or for generating backup power in support of plant shutdowns. The large Generator Step-up Transformers (GSU’s) used to connect power to the grid were built in record time and were a critical part of the project.

Upon completion of the Egyptian Power Boost Program, there will be more than 130 GE gas turbines across the country generating 11.68 GW of power to the grid — representing more than 30% of total electricity demand and providing enough power for 10.5 million Egyptian homes.

As additional projects continue to be developed around electricity use in Egypt, GE will support by offering both innovative technology and financing, which will include a focus on combined cycle gas turbines and renewables. Our ongoing efforts will support the government’s vision to meet electricity demand which is expected to grow on an average of 5.2 GW annually through 2022.

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  1. Mohamed refaat fahmy eid says:

    I would like to know the name and the location of those power plants in Egypt. I am GE O&G employee based in Egypt and I am interested on it.

  2. SH says:

    That's great achievement.You have to translate this article to Arabic and share widely :)

  3. GE Hewar says:

    Thank you so much, here you go:

  4. GE Hewar says:

    Dear Mr. Mohamed, someone will get in touch with you soon to share details.


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