When Temperatures Soar to 50°C, this GE Power Solution Helps Basra’s Fans Whirl Longer

When Temperatures Soar to 50°C, this GE Power Solution Helps Basra’s Fans Whirl Longer

April 03, 2018 at 08:04pm

GE Power has just completed a technology upgrade at the 500 megawatts (MW) Najibiya Power Plant in southern Iraq that can help each of the four gas turbines at the site run for up to an additional three months per year when the plant is powered by heavy fuel oil (HFO). The site is located in the southern governorate of Basra, close to the Iraq-Kuwait border – one of the hottest inhabited locations in the world, where temperatures often exceed 50 degrees Celsius. The power generated at the facility is largely supplied to residents, businesses and industries in the area, and vital for the local population to cope with the extreme temperatures in Basra, helping to operate fans and air conditioners.    

By helping to extend the period between scheduled maintenance outages of the gas turbines, GE’s Advanced Gas Path solution is also helping the Ministry of Electricity (MOE) to lower annual operations and maintenance costs.

Helping the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity deliver this additional power is crucial to the country’s broader economic development goals and commitment to improving the quality of life for its citizens.

“We are focused on enhancing access to electricity for our people and one of the critical means to achieve this goal is to make the best possible use of existing power generation infrastructure,” said Mussab Almudaris, official spokesperson of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity. “GE’s upgrade technology at the Najibiya Power Plant is helping us to do just that, supporting the delivery of electricity for longer periods of time from the same turbines. This was a much-needed solution, particularly with Ramadan, the month of fasting, and the hot summer months right around the corner.”

In addition to providing the AGP solution, GE Power is supporting the plant in other ways, including through a five-year agreement it signed in 2015 for the supply of parts, repairs and services at the plant. GE Power is also providing around-the-clock on-site monitoring services for the gas turbines that allow for continuous tracking of parameters such as the gas turbines’ temperature, vibration, speed and other indicators. Any disturbances are immediately reported to operators, so underlying issues may be identified and fixed to prevent faults and unplanned downtime.

Najibiya Power Plant is one of eight sites where GE is installing a total of 36 AGP units under the joint GE and Ministry of Iraq Power Up Plan, Phase 2. To date, over 130 GE turbines have been installed across Iraq and GE-built technologies generate up to 50% of Iraq’s power.

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