Views from the Field: Overcoming Challenges and Delivering Results in Egypt

Views from the Field: Overcoming Challenges and Delivering Results in Egypt

July 28, 2015 at 02:07pm

The deadlines are tight; the task is huge. But the benefits to Egypt will be electrifying. A team of GE field engineers have been working tirelessly since early this year as part of the Egypt Power Boost Program to bring 2.6 gigawatts of new electricity to the nation’s grid.

Their work involves installing 12 GE heavy-duty gas turbines into full-scale power plants and also installing 34 mobile aeroderivative gas turbines. In dozens of teams, they are working across 14 locations that cover the length and breadth of Egypt.

“Working in a completely remote area is not easy, and trying to finish on time is a challenge,” says Mohamed Tantawy, Lead Controls Field Engineer. But, he adds, “The challenge itself motivates us to keep going.”

Ramy Mitias, a GE Mechanical Field Engineer, echoes the challenge of time. “We are working very hard, day and night, to achieve the progress needed.” What he and his fellow team members recognize, however, is that only by working together with GE’s partners have they been able to successfully deliver. “Teamwork is what keeps us going, and by working together we can deliver what we promised.”

GE Project Manager Ahmed Naguib conveyed a sense of the day-in, day-out urgency of the work. “The project is moving at a very fast pace; it is one complete run, no stopping. Also, moving from phase to phase across multiple complex work sites is challenging.”

By overcoming these challenges, these field engineers and their local partners will deliver enough electricity for more than 2.5 million homes, improving the business environment and the overall quality of life for the nation’s 83.4 million citizens.

By participating in the power boost program, GE continues its 40 year heritage of contributing innovative technologies and solutions in Egypt across sectors such as energy, oil and gas, healthcare, aviation and transportation.

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