Views from the Field: ‘Lucky’ Graduate Personifies Localization

Views from the Field: ‘Lucky’ Graduate Personifies Localization

October 04, 2015 at 01:10pm

We often read the term “localization,” but what does it actually look like?

It looks like Basma Al-Ghamdi, a graduate of the University of Dammam and currently an Operation Management Leadership Program associate working for GE Oil & Gas in Saudi Arabia.

While describing herself as “lucky” to have the opportunity to build her leadership skills, alongside other skills and experiences as a management leadership trainee at GE, in this interview, she also describes how localization delivers a range of benefits. First to benefit are individuals, such as Basma, who learn new skills; so too do the companies making localization investments, as well as the companies’ customers. Ultimately all these benefits cascade across the economy and through the country.

Basma’s journey began with an internship with GE after graduation, expanded to a Graduate Management Leadership Program associate, which led to her current position, where she is learning a range of skills and gaining valuable experience to help her be a future leader on GE’s supply chain management team.

As she puts it: “The localization initiative that GE is taking right now is going to help the growth here in the country, the growth in the oil and gas business.” Ultimately, she says, localization is about “setting the right priorities. The customer is always at the top.”

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