Views from the Field: GE Engineers in Egypt are \'Seriously Proud!\'

Views from the Field: GE Engineers in Egypt are 'Seriously Proud!'

July 26, 2015 at 05:07pm

For many employees, it’s not every day that they can see the direct, positive impact of their work on their local communities and nation. But that’s exactly what’s happening this summer for GE field engineers working on the Egypt Power Boost Program. This government-led initiative is providing fast-track delivery of new power supply to the national grid.

As part of this effort, GE technologies will add 2.6 gigawatts of electricity by the end of August, something that fills these GE field engineers with a sense of mission. “I’m playing a key role during this phase the country is going though. It is a fulfilling feeling,” said GE Project Manager Ahmed Naguib.

Ahmed Ali, a Controls Technical Advisor, adds, “I’m proud that I’m doing something that people can touch, something really helping the country’s growth and economy.”

“Seriously Proud!” is how Lobna Tawfiq, a GE Electrical Field Engineer, puts it. “My friends brag and tell people, ‘My friend works at GE, and she is helping provide electricity this summer.”

Haytham Hazzaa, a Lead Electrical Field Engineer, said that friends recently called him during one of the hottest days in recent memory to say, “Good job, it’s 45 degrees and there are no power cuts!”

These, and dozens of other GE field engineers, are installing 12 heavy-duty gas turbines and 34 mobile aeroderivative gas turbines across 14 locations in Egypt.

Their work will deliver enough electricity for more than 2.5 million homes and is the reason why many of their friends and family members have said they can feel a difference. This is even more special because this work has occurred during the holy month of Ramadan.

By working as a team with other GE employees and GE partners, these field engineers are addressing one of Egypt’s biggest challenges, thereby helping to transform the business environment and the overall quality of life for the nation’s 83.4 million citizens.

“As an Egyptian, I’m very proud to be working on this project … a project that is making a very positive impact on our community,” Raymon Girgis, Installation Service Manager, reconfirms his colleagues’ messages and feelings.

Participating in the power boost program is a continuation of GE’s 40 year heritage of contributing innovative technologies and solutions in Egypt across sectors such as energy, oil and gas, healthcare, aviation and transportation.

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