Views from the Field: Engineers Motivated by Determination in Egypt

Views from the Field: Engineers Motivated by Determination in Egypt

July 30, 2015 at 02:07pm

Motivation in the workplace comes from many sources: the joy of sharing successes with the team, getting positive feedback from parents, or perhaps feeling like you are involved in achieving something historic.

When you’re up against tough challenges like tight deadlines, complex projects and remote project locations, powerful motivation is even more important, and that is what’s driving a dedicated team of GE field engineers working day and night to deliver 2.6 gigawatts of new electric power to the Egyptian grid by the end of August. The project is part of the national Egypt Power Boost Program that is fast-tracking the delivery of the much-needed new electricity supply.

“We motivate ourselves by never giving up,” says Mohamed Fahmy, a GE Controls Field Engineer. Among the team he works with, there is a common commitment that “we will not give up until the project is completed.” He also gets positive feedback from his mother, who could see the difference his work is making, telling him, “No blackouts during Ramadan!”

This latter sentiment also drives Mohamed Abdelghani, a GE Electrical Field Engineer, who says, “We keep going because we’re seeing a visible change in people’s lives, and the appreciation from them, of course, is rewarding.”

Mohamed adds that every time a unit is fired the team celebrates by “congratulating one another, and everyone who contributed to the work knows within seconds!”

For GE Construction Coordinator Sherif Abdelmoneim, motivation comes from a sense of pride that the GE team in Egypt is delivering their projects at a faster pace than GE has previously achieved for this type of implementation. “This is a historical achievement that hasn’t happened anywhere in the world.”

These are just a few of the many GE field engineers, other GE employees and countless local partners working around the clock to install 12 GE heavy-duty gas turbines and 34 mobile aeroderivative gas turbines across 14 locations covering the length and breadth of Egypt. In total, these 46 gas turbines represent the 2.6 gigawatts of new power that GE is adding to Egypt’s electrical grid to meet rising industrial, manufacturing and residential demand for power.

Ahmed Saleh, GE Deputy Project Manager, adds, “the project’s impact is tangible; Egyptians feel the difference and are very happy about it. Additionally, the success of the project boosted our customer’s trust in us.

By participating in the power boost program, GE continues its 40 year heritage of contributing innovative technologies and solutions in Egypt across sectors such as energy, oil and gas, healthcare, aviation and transportation.

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