Ultra-Competitive Financing: a New Tool for Healthcare Accessibility in Egypt

Ultra-Competitive Financing: a New Tool for Healthcare Accessibility in Egypt

October 01, 2018 at 01:10pm

Increasingly, high-quality healthcare is available beyond Egypt’s big cities as private healthcare providers expand services to smaller communities. Funding equipment for these providers can be a challenge, something GE Healthcare is helping to address.

By working with these hospitals and clinics to overcome the financing hurdle, GE and project partner Banque Misr are helping increase the accessibility of care to millions of Egyptians living across the country.

Through ultra-competitive equipment financing to healthcare companies, agents, hospitals and clinics, the solution helps healthcare providers to purchase GE Healthcare’s innovative medical equipment.

As a result, these clinics and hospitals will be in a better position to nurture and expand their businesses, ultimately bringing better healthcare to more patients.

The offering from GE Healthcare and Banque Misr also benefits the healthcare providers by offering simpler, more efficient procedures that are especially welcomed by smaller organizations. Less time spent on administration and paperwork means equipment is installed more quickly, while the reduced administrative costs provide an outsized benefit to organizations with fewer administrative resources.

“The needs of our customers continue to evolve, and our cutting-edge technology alone is no longer enough. Our customers want access to alternative mechanisms of funding that help them achieve long-term, sustainable healthcare outcomes,” says Amro Kandil, General Manager of GE Healthcare in North East Africa.

For more than 40 years, GE Healthcare has partnered with the public and private sectors in Egypt, reflected in the almost 15,000 Healthcare technologies powering hospitals and clinics throughout the country. Find more stories here on GE Healthcare’s work in Egypt and across the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and Pakistan.



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