Two Giants Will Use Their Muscle to Support Pakistan’s Development

Two Giants Will Use Their Muscle to Support Pakistan’s Development

October 15, 2015 at 03:10pm

Two giants are coming to the Punjab region of Pakistan, and they’re going to use their huge muscle to support economic development in the country.

They will make their home in the 1,100 megawatt (MW) Bhikki Combined-Cycle Power Plant that is designed to generate electricity equivalent to the needs of more than 4 million Pakistani homes.

These “giants” are two GE 9HA gas turbines, the world’s largest, most efficient gas turbine and the first 9HA gas turbines in the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan region. They represent some of the first orders for the new 9HA, representing only the 20th and 21st orders placed globally.

With an efficiency of 61% when used in combined cycle, they will make Bhikki the largest, most efficient power plant in Pakistan. By providing this technology for enhanced operational efficiency and productivity at the power plant, the 9HA gas turbine will address two critical priorities for the country.

They will help the plant developer, Harbin Electric, to add a large amount of new electricity relatively quickly to the national power supply at a time when reducing load shedding is a government priority. Also, the high-efficiency gas turbines will allow Pakistan to use less fuel, while generating more power.

“We are committed to meeting the growing demand for power to drive industrial growth and all-round economic progress, as well as to promote the welfare of our people,” said Ahad Khan Cheema, CEO of the provincial-government owned Quaid-e-Azam Thermal Power Ltd., Limited.

With GE and Harbin working under an accelerated time frame, Bhikki is expected to enter commercial operation in 2017.

“Through our technology collaboration with Harbin on the Bhikki plant, we are confident of setting a new industry benchmark in the country’s power sector,” said Mohammed Mohaisen, President & CEO of GE Power Generation Products, Middle East and North Africa.

Bringing the state-of-the-art technology exemplified by the 9HA gas turbine to the country’s development is just the latest example for GE. Other examples in this year alone include advanced locomotives and Jenbacher gas engines that are widely used as a power supply for the the country’s textile sector.

GE is a committed, long-term partner working to help its customers to address Pakistan’s development needs. Not only in the power sector, as reflected with the Bhikki plant, but also in transportation, aviation, healthcare and oil and gas.

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