Turkish Hospital Group Selects GE Healthcare Imaging Technology

Turkish Hospital Group Selects GE Healthcare Imaging Technology

October 19, 2018 at 02:10pm

The clinical examination of a patient is crucial to good healthcare, but often, medical imaging is required to identify disease earlier and improve care. One of Istanbul’s largest hospital groups has selected GE Healthcare imaging technology for this purpose.

Bahat Health Group will take delivery of Turkey’s first SIGNA Architect 3.0T MR solution, as well as the award-winning mammography system Senographe Pristina, and the Voluson E10 ultrasound.

The equipment will give the group’s physicians deeper insights and information through accurate and detailed imaging results about disease progression. This can help them enhance the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

The innovative equipment also will support the government’s efforts to address disease and enhance citizen wellbeing.


The technology is part of broader efforts by the two companies to build a wing-to-wing solution for Bahat that comprises the latest imaging, lifecare solutions and ultrasound systems. The agreement also includes an eight-year service contract and an extended 10-year warranty.

“We are proud to partner with Bahat Health Group, one of Turkey’s leading healthcare providers, and to contribute to facilitating greater access to high-quality diagnosis and care for patients in Istanbul,” said Yelda Ulu Colin, General Manager of GE Healthcare Turkey.

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