Turkish Artist Helps Raise Breast Cancer Awareness in Turkey

Turkish Artist Helps Raise Breast Cancer Awareness in Turkey

October 31, 2018 at 12:10pm

To honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Turkish artist Haluk Akakçe gave his unique touch to the pink ribbon, globally recognized as the symbol of breast cancer awareness. The design was revealed at an event organized by GE Healthcare.

Held in downtown Istanbul at the 42 Maslak shopping mall, the event also featured the release of a video developed by Akakçe, one of the most prominent names in contemporary art. An accompanying exhibition at the shopping mall, entitled “My Heart Never,” also was launched.

In support of breast cancer awareness, the proceeds from the sale of another Akakçe artwork will be donated to the Turkish Breast Cancer Foundation (MEVA).

“I cannot imagine what a woman would feel when diagnosed with breast cancer,” said Akakçe, whose grandmother died of breast cancer. “Losing control of your body, wondering about your future, being afraid of what others around you may think are not easy feelings to cope with. I think a woman struggling with breast cancer will need love the most.”

GE Healthcare Turkey organized the event as part of its ongoing commitment to improving early diagnosis in support of Turkey’s fight against breast cancer.

A key aspect of the awareness campaign is encouraging women to conduct self-exams and to get mammograms beginning at age 40.

That’s because early detection can make a huge difference in outcomes. Early detection at Stage I means a nearly 100% survival rate, versus a 22% survival rate when detected at Stage IV.  Annual mammography screening can help detect breast cancer early, thus reducing a patient’s risk of dying from the disease by 25-30% or more.

Improved awareness and earlier diagnosis in Turkey could help improve statistics that show cancer is the second leading cause of death among women in Turkey, as its share of total mortality is rising. Breast cancer is the leading type of cancer among women.

GE Healthcare is helping improve the mammography screening experience with new technologies, including the Senographe Pristina™ mammography system. The system offers patients the option to use Pristina Dueta™, an industry-first patient-assisted compression remote-control device that allows patients to control their own breast compression during a mammogram under the supervision of a technologist to minimize their perceived pain and discomfort.

“It is critically important that women over the age of 40 get screened once a year,” said Yelda Ulu Colin, General Manager, GE Healthcare Turkey. “Innovations in mammography technology have really reshaped the whole experience for women: patients receive a more comfortable breast exam experience and clinicians are still able to achieve superior diagnostic accuracy at low dose.”

GE Healthcare also is helping women with dense breast tissue, a situation that can make diagnosis more complicated. For these women, a supplemental ultrasound can help find those hidden cancers. The Invenia Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS) system from GE Healthcare is a comfortable, non-ionizing alternative to other supplemental screening options for women with dense breast tissue.

GE Healthcare has supported Turkey’s healthcare sector for more than 30 years and today has more than 59,000 installed medical systems in more than 3,000 healthcare institutions.

Read more stories here about GE Healthcare’s support to improved healthcare in Turkey and across the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan region.

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