Transformative Technologies, Presented in Pakistan

Transformative Technologies, Presented in Pakistan

July 17, 2014 at 03:07pm

The next time you’re in the car, take a moment to think how much better we manage our cars because the dashboard tells us when we are low on gas, have an overheating engine or need to change the oil. Similarly, the next time you are using your mobile phone on the go, marvel at how its battery has transformed the way we communicate.

In industrial settings, sophisticated monitoring systems, long-life cycle pumping solutions and batteries are not just helpful, they can be transformative. For example, GE’s System 1 – Condition Monitoring Software and AnomAlert Motor Anomaly Detectors make it possible for oil & gas operators and other heavy industrial plant operators to keep a continuous and close eye on equipment and systems, even those in remote areas or extreme environments.

Similarly, GE’s Surface Pumping System offers these operators an improved modular pump design and intelligent surface controls, while also offering benefits in lifecycle costs, power consumption, environmental impact and reliability.

Not only do these systems allow for efficient industrial operations, where unscheduled downtimes can generate huge expenses, but they also enable monitoring at levels that were previously difficult, dangerous or impossible to achieve.

Similarly, just as batteries revolutionized the telephone experience, GE’s Durathon Battery technology opens up powerful new opportunities to operators in the telecommunications, power generation, grid operation and energy management sectors. By providing a cost-effective, modular-based backup power solution, Durathon Batteries serve telecom central offices, data centers and other industrial applications that require consistent, dependable power.

GE presented these technologies, along with other field-proven Drilling & Production products, at the 12th International Exhibition for the Energy Industry (POGEE) 2014 in Lahore, Pakistan. These path-breaking technologies and solutions were selected because they are ideally suited to help Pakistan effectively tap its oil & gas potential and enhance its power generation.

GE was among the first companies to install steam and gas turbines in Pakistan. Today, GE-built equipment provides more than 25% of the electricity produced in Pakistan and plays a proud role in helping develop key energy and infrastructure projects. For more on GE in Pakistan, click here.

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