To the Everyday Woman - by Rania Rostom

To the Everyday Woman - by Rania Rostom

March 10, 2012 at 05:03am

Rania Rostom, Director of Corporate Communications, GE Corporate, MEA

This year on March 8 the world celebrated the 101st International Women’s Day.

Women today are taking great pride in amazing accomplishments. At GE, we have always marked International Women’s Day with activities around the world that are driven and organized by our GE Women’s Network, a voluntary organization established in 1997 that helps invest in our people to deliver personal, career and GE business growth. I co-lead the Women’s Network in the region and we focus our efforts on growing, attracting and retaining successful women throughout GE.

We provide development opportunities that focus on leadership, advancement and career broadening opportunities. Today, we are more than 500 women strong in the region, and growing. We have a phenomenal and diverse cross-section of talented women working for GE in the region – that is certainly something to celebrate.

There are so many inspirational women in the region that we can learn so much from who have made headlines in a multitude of sectors. From those who shape policy and play a key role in paving the way for a better future, to those transforming opportunities around education and entrepreneurship, and inventing new technology…the list is long.

Today, I would like to celebrate other inspirational women – your “everyday women.” I have realized that every day I have been meeting more and more women who are stronger, bolder and doing better and bigger things. Women who are raising our bright future generation, women who are juggling small kids and big jobs, women who are enjoying a comeback career through creative out-of-the-box thinking, women who are not letting anything hold them back. Everyday women getting out there and making a difference is what inspires me the most.

To my mom, my sister and best friends…to everyday women doing everyday things with style and impact – happy belated International Women’s Day

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