The Pulse: This Flagship ‘Hospital of the Future’ Redefines the Patient Experience

The Pulse: This Flagship ‘Hospital of the Future’ Redefines the Patient Experience

June 21, 2015 at 02:06pm

A “hospital of the future” has opened in Dubai, the first such facility in the Middle East and North Africa. But what does this mean for the “future” of the patient experience and delivering improved outcomes?

In such a hospital, advanced technology and the integration of medical equipment, medical data and IT systems place powerful resources in the hands of doctors and other caregivers to improve outcomes and give patient a better experience.

In practical terms a hospital of the future is a place where a patient can undergo an MRI or CT scan while listening to music streamed from their own mobile device  and played on the screening room’s audio system. At the same time, they benefit from a calming and comforting visual environment that they select from a range of 11 themes, designed for men, women and children.

A hospital of the future is where doctors share medical imaging results and other diagnostic data with experts located elsewhere for additional consultation that can result in the best possible diagnosis and treatment. A digital hospital also is a place where patient records, tests, treatment plants and other information are secure, but always at hand by caregivers across the facility. The result is a superior patient experience, driven by the interplay of superior technology and clinical expertise.

To realize this hospital of the future, Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Group (HMG) selected GE Healthcare to help implement a next-generation hospital solution that combines advanced equipment for diagnosis and treatment, with digital medical records, digital administration and patient management.

GE Healthcare has already completed more than 11 projects with HMG, one of the largest private healthcare providers in the Middle East that operates 18 medical facilities in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain.

The result is the recently opened 150-bed Sulaiman Al-Habib Hospital, the group’s technology flagship, located in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC). DHCC is a growing regional hub for healthcare tourism that also serves the large and growing population of citizens and residents living in the UAE.

For this flagship, GE Healthcare worked with its customer to implement imaging equipment solutions and an IT infrastructure that would promote information-sharing across the group’s operations in the region, and to enhance the management and delivery of patient care through an innovative patient experience solution.

Developing this solution required close cooperation from the earliest stages, with the two parties collaborating on the technology design, using GE’s global expertise, equipment planning and advisory services. The result was a customized, high-quality and innovative turnkey solution that included re-imagining the radiology patient experience through department-wide integration, interactive technologies and natural materials.

Among these technologies are the latest CT and Cath Lab systems from GE’s Discovery, Optima and OEC ranges, as well as cutting-edge wide-bore MR, digital X-ray and ultrasound solutions — all designed to offer a high level of flexibility and image quality, combined with low-dose technology to benefit patients.

Beyond medical imaging, GE Healthcare also provided its latest vital signs monitor systems and perinatal IT system, as well as a comprehensive suite of GE Centricity 360 Healthcare IT applications for various hospital departments, including cardiology, radiology and pediatrics. Centricity assured the integration of diagnostic imaging, ultrasound and life-care support equipment into the group’s overall health information system.

Health care is evolving in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey as the medical needs change, requiring the latest technologies and quality of care. GE is helping realize this evolution, examples of which are profiled in “The Pulse” posts on Hewar.

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