The importance of finding sustainable healthcare solutions

The importance of finding sustainable healthcare solutions

April 18, 2010 at 02:04pm

Aziz Koleilat: General Manager at GE Healthcare for the Middle East region

World Health Day is a reminder that addressing healthcare challenges is imperative. Inaction to address them in time is inexcusable, not only to the society we live but also for future generations.

Healthcare indicators in this region are alarming: in the UAE alone, more than one-third of the national population is clinically obese and about one in four shows evidence of being diabetic. The 2010 Omnibus survey conducted in Qatar showed majority (52%) of residents said they are diabetic or know someone close to them who suffers from diabetes. According to recent health screening figures, more than one in six of UAE nationals have high blood pressure and at least one-fourth of all men screened admitted to smoking.

Overall healthcare costs in the GCC region are expected to be as high as US$60 billion by 2025, nearly five times more than the expense currently incurred by the governments. Solutions are needed and they are needed fast.

GE’s ‘healthymagination’ vision considers a few aspects fundamental to address healthcare challenges: partnerships between public and private sectors for research, development, training as well as for funding of initiatives play a key role; increased investment in innovation is critical to the early detection of illnesses; research and innovation put together will make it possible for a sustainable early health care model.

The anchor points of any dynamic society are its people, their productivity is the essence of development. Healthcare is therefore a collective responsibility and a key component of sustainable development.

Posted by Aziz Koleilat, General Manager at GE Healthcare for the Middle East region. You can also view a more detailed opinion on the same published in the Khaleej Times.

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