The GE Show: Healthy Hospitals – watch and play!

The GE Show: Healthy Hospitals – watch and play!

August 31, 2010 at 04:08am

GE Healthcare is constantly accelerating the investment in people, tools and processes to help the Middle East drive improved quality and increased efficiency in the health market. One of the biggest issues worldwide is the efficiency of hospitals. New measurable ways to standardise care, reduce errors, manage equipment as well as staff and doctors is a daunting task. Making these processes more efficient is a priority around the world, including the Middle East.

Not long ago GE unveiled a healthcare improvement initiative in Saudi Arabia that focuses on increasing productivity in the operating rooms of various Ministry of Health (MOH) sites in the Kingdom. The initiative falls under the country’s objective to give better access to healthcare services to its population. A major driver in achieving this is to help MOH’s 250 hospitals run their manpower and technology resources more efficiently; the operating room being the core of the hospital is a critical area where efficiency can be improved.

Another general big issue is the wait time in emergency rooms in hospitals; introducing the system of electronic medical records (EMR) in hospitals is one of the solutions to this issue. A new study says that patients at hospitals with the most advanced type of electronic medical records are likely to spend 22.4 percent less time in the emergency room than at other hospitals. GE recently launched web-based EMRs to help small, independent medical practices, more of which can be read here.

The hurdles that doctors and hospital administrators face in implementing new processes are the subject of a new five-part interactive feature, “Healthy Hospitals,” on It ranges from videos of hospital staffers who have to juggle operating rooms and equipment use in high-stress environments to the video game, pictured above, that let’s you see just how good (or bad) you might be at trying to alleviate the patients waiting time in an emergency room visit.

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