The Future is Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness Country Check-In

The Future is Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness Country Check-In

November 07, 2012 at 10:11am

Ribbons, sharing experiences and joining hands together: this month, our breast cancer awareness message had it all, with participation from GE Middle East and North Africa employees and volunteers spreading awareness about breast cancer and the importance of screening and early diagnosis.

In Dubai, the GE team including Nabil Habayeb, President and CEO, GE Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, and Ehab Zawaideh, leader of GE’s breast cancer awareness programs in the UAE created a human pink ribbon as a show of support for breast cancer awareness.

In Saudi Arabia the campaign was led by young women: 500 students from Preparatory Year Deanship and King Saud University gathered to create a human pink ribbon and release pink balloons to show their support to breast cancer patients.

And in Cairo, 29 GE female staff participated in an open session tackling breast cancer stats and symptoms along with early detection methodology and tools. The session was delivered by Dr. Hanan Gewefel, one of the leading Egyptian Breast Imaging Consultants, and was inaugurated by Sofiane Tounes, President & CEO, GE North East Africa. The enthusiastic audience, pictured above, also met with a breast cancer survivor, and learned about her story firsthand. A brave story, indeed. Our warmest thanks to everyone who got involved!

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  1. Cherihane Alaa Abass says:

    IT was a great experience & the session delivered by Dr. Hanan Gewefel was very useful Thanks GE WN Team


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