The First Dreamliner Lands in the UAE

The First Dreamliner Lands in the UAE

June 22, 2014 at 03:06pm

It was just one airplane, but the arrival in Abu Dhabi last month of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner — powered by the GEnx-1B engine — signaled the start of something big. Delivered to the Abu Dhabi government’s Presidential Flight, it was the first Dreamliner delivered to a customer in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The second UAE customer – Etihad Airways – will take delivery of 71 Dreamliners between late 2014 and 2023, making it the largest 787 operator in the world. More than 150 GEnx-1B engines will power this fleet.

Presidential Flight took delivery of the Dreamliner in May, and later this year will take delivery of a second plane, a Boeing 747-8, which is powered by GEnx-2B engines.

The very tight time schedule required to bring these first GEnx-1B engines into service for Presidential Flight reflects the great teamwork between GE Aviation and the customer, as well as GE Aviation’s agility and speed in focusing on the customer’s needs.

The Dreamliner, known for its big windows, high ceilings and more comfortable cabin environment, also is renowned for its superior fuel efficiency, achieved in part from the GEnx-1B engine. This engine is the most fuel-efficient jet engine in its thrust range, and it operates at lower noise levels and produces fewer NOx and CO2 emissions than any other commercial production engine in its category.

For more information on GE Aviation’s GEnx engines, click here.

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