The Beat on Cardio: Better Education, More Timely Intervention Needed

The Beat on Cardio: Better Education, More Timely Intervention Needed

March 14, 2013 at 12:03am

A recent article in Jeddah-based Arab News interviewed a leading Saudi specialist in cardiovascular disease who offered some unsettling statistics regarding heart disease in the Kingdom.

Overall, approximately 6 percent of the population is suffering from cardiac diseases. What’s more, one quarter of the Saudi population suffers from diabetes, around 27 percent from hypertension, and 35-40 percent from hypercholesterolemia. All of these “lifestyle” conditions can lead to cardiac disease, thereby suggesting a big rise in future cases of heart disease.

As is the case across the Gulf, increasing levels of cardiac and other lifestyle diseases are driven by factors such as sedentary lifestyles, smoking and obesity.

This indicates not only a public health concern, but implies future financial concerns as well, since coronary diseases not only put pressure on healthcare systems, but also on the cost of healthcare delivery.

GE, which has been a partner in Saudi Arabia and the region for 80 years, is providing support in cardiovascular disease mitigation and treatment to regional governments, and both public and private sector healthcare systems. In the case of cardiac diseases, central to GE’s response is emphasizing the importance of an earlier model of care to manage cardiovascular conditions through timely diagnosis and care.

GE’s advanced coronary care solutions deliver outcomes such as better access to patient data, maximum decision-making efficiency and timely interventions in the management of acute coronary syndromes, in addition to a leading spectrum of cardiac imaging products for patient follow-up.

GE also is working with the community to promote healthy lifestyle practices, underlined by its healthymagination initiative to reduce the incidence of these diseases.

For that reason, GE Healthcare was a Diamond Sponsor of the 10th Gulf Heart Association conference recently held in Riyadh and which was co-located with the 24th annual conference of the Saudi Heart Association. Each year, Gulf Heart brings cardiac care experts and caregivers from across the Gulf and other parts of the world together to share their knowledge and expertise to improve cardiac care delivery in the region.

During the event, GE Healthcare showcased its advanced coronary care technologies, including the acute coronary syndrome care pathway, through its comprehensive portfolio of cardiology solutions for healthcare providers across triage, treatment, post-procedure and follow-up to optimize patient care and workflow.

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