Taking Off to Smarter Skies

Taking Off to Smarter Skies

June 19, 2013 at 10:06am

It is estimated that over a billion dollars could be saved if every flight was just one minute shorter. Not to mention the fuel savings and avoidable CO2 emissions. So it’s with excitement that we share some important news – Etihad Airways and Taleris, a joint venture between GE and Accenture, have come together to implement a new technology that not only predicts aircraft maintenance faults and recommends preventative action, but also reduces fight delays.

A Flight Path to Intelligent Operations
Taleris’ web-based prognostics service, a part of its Intelligent Operations offering, is a first for the commercial airline industry and will be used to monitor Etihad Airways’ fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircrafts. The prognostics technology will leverage the Industrial Internet to increase the airline’s overall operational efficiency*.

“Tip to tail” sensors for multiple aircraft parts, components and systems will make predictive recommendations to optimize aircraft maintenance and flight operations. The results will be dramatic on the ground – bringing significant financial savings for Etihad Airways by reducing maintenance costs and lost revenue. This groundbreaking technology will bring an improved reliability for both passengers and freight customers. It will also mean a reduction of unscheduled maintenance, fewer delays and cancellations, increased aircraft availability, and an overall better performance for the fleet.

Making rapid and informed decisions is job #1 when it comes to safer, more sustainable aviation, so we believe this agreement marks an ascent into smarter skies.

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* The Industrial Internet is a robust network of computers, machines and sensors that combines connectivity with advanced software analytics.

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