May 03, 2012 at 05:05am

Sami Kamel, General Manager, Marketing, Middle East & Africa, GE Energy

Come June, world leaders, multinational organizations and NGOs will gather at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development – Rio+20 –Conference – to discuss sustainable solutions to pressing issues such as increasing poverty, advanced social disparity, and expand efforts towards the environmental protection of the planet.

As a prelude to this event, on May 2-3, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in cooperation with the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy (DCSE), will host a preparatory meeting in Dubai to discuss sustainable solutions for the region.

Appropriately titled “Sustainable Arabia: Clean Energy Conference”, the regional dialogue aims at facilitating in-depth discussions among policy makers, experts (regional and international) and regional leaders on the best ways to achieve sustainable development and a green economy.

On the discussion agenda is the role played by public-private partnerships (PPP) in bringing about sustainable growth and development. PPPs bring together the financial and technological competencies of both public and private enterprises, which can go a long way to meet the region’s growing energy needs and help sustainable, long-term growth; they are a strong platform for societies to address issues of development and achieve growth goals.

GE has been working successfully for nearly eight decades in the region supporting its growth through close collaboration our public sector customers. For example in the UAE, GE works closely with the state-owned utility authority Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and Abu Dhabi Electricity (ADWEA), and in Saudi Arabia Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), to support the growing power needs of those countries. The relationships goes beyond the mere delivery of advanced technology solutions, the company is also collaborating with customers to work towards solutions for efficient power generation, such as the SEC-GE Technology Summit in 2011.

At the Sustainable Arabia Conference, Sami Kamel, General Manager, Marketing, Middle East & Africa, GE Energy, will be sharing his expert views on the panel “Effective public-private partnerships for a sustainable green economy”. He will highlight the importance of close collaborations between technology companies and public entities in the achievement towards a sustainable economy.

The Sustainable Arabia conference is an important event for the future of the region and will provide an invaluable forum in which best practices will be explored and commitments can be established to pave a progressive way forward.

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