Supporting KSA’s Manufacturing Capabilities

Supporting KSA’s Manufacturing Capabilities

August 18, 2014 at 01:08pm

Sometimes, in the sea of words regarding economic development and diversification, it’s easy to forget what we’re actually talking about. For GE in Saudi Arabia, a great example is Gulf Battery Company (GBC), a local business with approximately 40 employees located in Dammam.

The company is one of the first local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to be qualified as a GE global supplier for gas turbine components. The company is a specialist manufacturer of high-tech energy storage systems, and it provides backup control batteries for GE gas turbines. In fact, it currently provides GE with 100% of its battery needs in the Kingdom.

Even more, as a qualified GE global supplier, GBC soon will be exporting its products and services to Iraq, Nigeria and several countries in North Africa. By empowering Saudi companies such as GBC with the confidence, technical know-how and guidance needed to grow and become qualified global suppliers, GE is helping build the Kingdom’s manufacturing sector and reshaping the quality systems and standards of local companies.

Today, GE has qualified 290 Saudi suppliers and 140 SMEs to support GE’s activities in the Kingdom. In the power sector more specifically, 55% of the suppliers to the GE Manufacturing Technology Center are Saudi companies.

Building on eight decades of partnership in Saudi Arabia, GE made a US$ 1 billion investment commitment in the Kingdom in line with the Ninth Development Plan to diversify the economy, strengthen manufacturing capabilities, and rapidly build human resources. This investment includes a partnership with the Aramco Entrepreneurship Center to support the Kingdom’s SMEs and engage them in the domestic manufacturing and service sector.

For more examples of GE’s support to Saudi development, click here.

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