Steam, Gas, Digital: Efficient Technologies to Power Kuwait’s Growth

Steam, Gas, Digital: Efficient Technologies to Power Kuwait’s Growth

June 13, 2016 at 03:06pm

Like many countries in the Middle East and North Africa, Kuwait is witnessing rapid growth in electricity demand. As a result, its power generating capacity needs to rise by more than one-third between 2015 and 2020. At the same time, the need to import natural gas for power generation opens the opportunity for a more diversified energy mix.

During an event organized in partnership with the US embassy in Kuwait, GE presented a number of cutting-edge technologies, including the GE Digital Power Plant, and high-efficiency combined cycle power plant and clean and high-efficiency steam plant technologies from GE that can be used to help address Kuwait’s power needs.

Through panel discussions and workshops, the Kuwait Technology Seminar provided experts from GE Power Services, GE Water, GE Steam Power Systems and GE Digital to discuss how their technologies can play a role in Kuwait’s energy future.

“As Kuwait focuses on expanding its power capacity, the introduction of digital industrial and advanced technology solutions — including opportunities for fuel diversification — will serve as strong opportunity to meet the growing demand for power in the country,” said Mohamed Mohaisen, GE’s CEO for Gas Power Systems in MENA.

“We will continue to work with our partners, especially with the government’s emphasis on promoting public-private partnerships, to introduce the newest technologies that will be a game-changer for the country’s power sector,” Mohaisen added.

The first workshop focused on the role thatlarge, high-efficiency combined-cycle gas turbinescan play inboosting Kuwait’s powergeneration. This was followed by a workshop on the water sector and how GE Water’s newest solutions can help achieve improved asset utilization and operational efficiency.

GE experts also discussed “Fuel Diversification: Clean and High Efficiency Steam Plant Technologies” that provide opportunities to implement alternative fuel sources for power generation.

A workshop on “Better Together” provided attendees insight into how customers are benefiting from GE’s total plant operations coverage following the integration of Alstom, while another session outlined GE Digital’s focus on the service industry.

The final workshop was called “Transforming the Power Sector: the GE Digital Industrial Revolution,” which demonstrated the power of the Industrial Internet and the ability to optimize operations and drive efficiencies in power plants and other large industrial system through GE’s digital-industrial solutions that integrate heavy machinery with big data analysis and sophisticated analytics.

GE will also support Kuwait’s power sector with the opening later this year of the GE Kuwait Technology Center, the first GE facility of its kind to be located outside the United States. Focused on the power generation sector, the center will offer service and maintenance, and a platform for collaborative research and innovation to address local challenges. GE, which has been a partner to Kuwait’s development for four decades, provides technology that delivers nearly 37% of Kuwait’s power generation.

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