Smart grids: Addressing the challenge of skyrocketing energy demand

Smart grids: Addressing the challenge of skyrocketing energy demand

April 18, 2011 at 02:04am
Joe Anis, GE Energy President and CEO, Middle East

Fulfilling the growing energy demand without emitting greenhouse gases is a global challenge that the world needs to address urgently. Smart grid technology is one such solution.

In simple terms, the smart grid uses information and networking technology to help provide more efficient, fast, secure, reliable, safe and environmentally friendly energy to users. It does so by creating energy transmission and distribution methods by diversifying resources and minimizing waste.

The Huffington Post explains the smart grid by calling it the “energy Internet” primed to transform energy supply just like the information revolution transformed communications.

GE is playing a significant role in the field of smart grids by offering ‘real, smart, solutions’ that will help re-energize the planet’s energy infrastructure. In the UAE, GE is rolling out a pilot ‘smart-grid’ program through its partnership with Mubadala that is investigating the reduction of peak power demand by using smart home appliances.

Also, in Masdar City, GE is opening its ecomagination centre which showcases GE technologies, including wind, solar and other renewable energy products that will power the “smart” electrical grid, water purification technology, and energy-efficient appliances.

At the Dubai Global Energy Forum taking place from April 17-19, GE will present some leading initiatives that can bring about transformational shifts in the way energy use efficiency is addressed. GE Energy experts will talk about how smart grid technologies and Jenbacher engines can leverage energy efficiency, and also about other innovations like clean coal technology solutions. The full agenda for the Forum can be found here.

The Dubai Global Energy Forum is a platform for energy experts to exchange opinions and best practices on energy related issues regionally and globally. The Forum also seeks to debate environmental and sustainability issues affecting the region and the world. This is the first global event of its kind in Dubai.

Question to ponder: How will the world change with smart grids?

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