Shifting the Scales in Saudi Arabia

Shifting the Scales in Saudi Arabia

December 09, 2012 at 02:12pm

Obesity is a big problem for families in Saudi. Approximately 70 percent of Saudi men and women are obese, along with 3 million children. So as part of our commitment to creating better health for more people, we set out to spark family conversations around nutrition and fitness. We knew there was a slim chance of connecting with families amidst a crushing array of fast food advertising. So we went straight into homes across the Kingdom – using technology and storytelling as a way to bring Saudi families together.

Introducing ‘Attack of the Veg Mondays’, the story of a boy named Khalid who will do whatever it takes to avoid eating veggies, and his family’s pursuit to change this opinion!

Targeted towards those with the most pester power in the household, the story proves to kids that healthy food doesn’t need to be boring. The app also includes handy nutrition advice for moms – making it a real learning resource for the entire family.

Brought to you by GE Healthymagination.
Click here to download the FREE app today!
(Available in both English and Arabic.)

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