Highlighting the Benefits of Shedding Incandescent Bulbs

Highlighting the Benefits of Shedding Incandescent Bulbs

August 03, 2015 at 02:08pm

With so many benefits to replacing each incandescent light bulb with more energy efficient light such as LED, it’s no wonder the UAE has had a ban on most types of incandescent bulbs since the beginning of the year.

For example, a study by the Emirates Wildlife Society in association with WWF found that the annual technical potential for energy savings in the UAE from upgrading to energy efficient lighting would be 2,046 gigawatt hours. That represents a 65% reduction in direct indoor residential lighting electricity use. Even more amazing is the 28% “cooling bonus” that would come because air conditioners would have to work less hard to cool rooms previously warmed by an incandescent light bulb!

Another way to look at it: these  energy savings mean the UAE would have to build 340-500MW less power generation capacity a year, the equivalent to avoiding up to AED 146.3 million (nearly $40 million) in capital costs annually for 20 years. On a household level, UAE residents collectively would save nearly AED 421 million (approximately $114 million) a year by replacing incandescent lights, while industry would save AED 198 million ($54 million).

Naturally, these benefits also accrue to the hospitality sector, so it’s no wonder that a number of hotels in the region are moving to high-efficiency LED lights. In Qatar, the Wyndham Grand Regency, Crowne Plaza Doha, and the InterContinental have completed lighting retrofits using LED light systems from GE. The Grosvenor House in Dubai implemented a GE Lighting solution that helped it reduce its energy use for lighting by 80%. This contributed to the property becoming Green Key Certified.

Recently, GE Lighting becomes one of the first lighting suppliers to receive the Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology (ESMA) certification for its products in the UAE.

Not only does the ESMA certification assure high-quality indoor lighting products that meet the UAE’s stringent requirements on energy efficiency, they also meet standards regarding electrical safety, functionality, and limitation on hazardous chemical content.

A GE scientist invented the first commercially viable LED light, establishing GE Lighting as a leader in today’s fast-growing LED market for home, office and roadway settings. Lighting is just one sector — alongside power, oil and gas, healthcare, transportation and aviation — in which GE is bringing advanced technologies and innovative solutions to the region’s toughest challenges.

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