Innovation Award for GE and Saudi Electricity Company

Innovation Award for GE and Saudi Electricity Company

January 15, 2015 at 02:01pm

Saudi Arabia is taking many different steps to address its fast-growing demand for electricity. One of the most exciting involves Saudi professionals and students undertaking cutting-edge research in collaboration with GE Power & Water to advance the overall fuel flexibility of gas turbines.

A joint research agreement was signed between GE and the King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST) to improve power plant availability and strengthen their electricity generating potential. By doing so, the research will help power plants broaden the variety of fuels that can be used in their gas turbines.

The initiative exemplifies the growing scale of Saudi-based research that is working to address local and regional challenges, and underlines the importance of joint local industry-academia projects. GE and KAUST will co-fund the project, whose results will be evaluated by GE experts to determine the impact of using heavy liquid fuels on advanced gas turbines.

The research team will begin work this year with dedicated energy experts from both KAUST and GE Power & Water. This project is the latest example of GE’s efforts to promote localized innovation in the Kingdom. Other examples include the Global Technology Innovation Challenge, sponsored by Aramco Entrepreneurship Center and GE ecomagination, that announced its winners this week in a competition that invited solutions for innovative seawater desalination solutions.

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