Rising Electricity Demand? Distributed Power Can Help

Rising Electricity Demand? Distributed Power Can Help

September 07, 2014 at 12:09pm

In Egypt, electricity demand is rising so fast that in the middle of last month, demand exceeded supply by 20%. The causes for the mismatch are myriad: rising demand that exceeded 12% over the two-year period 2009-2011, natural gas supply shortages, aging infrastructure, and inadequate generation and transmission capacity.

There are many ways to address supply shortfalls, among them the use of distributed power solutions. This means smaller, locally situated power generators that can use local fuels to deliver faster, flexible, scalable and secure power. Distributed power brings power generation to where it will be used, primarily in off-grid and large industrial settings, but also in situations when peak demand exceeds existing grid supply.

GE is showing off its portfolio of distributed power solutions at this week’s Cairo Energy Oil & Gas International Conference & Exhibition. They include aeroderivative gas turbines, Jenbacher gas engines and Waukesha gas engines, which can generate as little as 100 kW of electricity and as much as 100 MW of electricity. They also are ecomagination certified. What’s more, they are ideally suited to tap alternative fuel sources, including landfill gas and other renewable resources.

For example, this past summer, the General Electricity Company of Libya added 100MW of temporary power using GE’s TM2500+ mobile aeroderivative gas turbine generator set to help meet peak demand, while Jenbacher engines in the UAE and Lebanon are generating electricity from landfill methane gas.

GE also is supporting Egypt’s drive to expand utility-scale capacity. Currently, more than 86 GE gas turbines support the generation of nearly 30% of the country’s total installed power capacity. As well, GE recently delivered six advanced 9FA-technology gas turbines and services to support the expansion of the Giza North and Banha power plants, while two additional gas turbines will be installed at Giza North in 2015. The expansions will add a total of 3,000 MW to the country’s grid.

For more on GE’s ongoing commitment to support expansion of Egypt’s power generating capacity and economic development more broadly, click here.

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