Reliable Marine Engines Keep the Regional Oil & Gas Majors Moving

Reliable Marine Engines Keep the Regional Oil & Gas Majors Moving

December 12, 2013 at 10:12am

Oil tankers are massive vessels, and it’s safe to say that for every tanker, there are thousands of future customers depending on the vessel to deliver oil on time. This begins with getting the tanker to the right petroleum terminal for loading, and it’s the role of muscular tugboats to achieve this.

With so much riding on each vessel, it’s no wonder that Sherif Ghobrial, Senior Sales Manager for GE Marine and Stationary in the region, said “reliability” is the top issue on customers’ minds. For a smooth supply chain to work, he said it’s crucial that tankers get to their destinations. That’s where GE Transportation’s diesel marine engines come in.

“They have a reputation for being extremely reliable, setting customers’ minds at ease,” he says. Because service and application engineers are all located here in the region, even if an issue arises, “we can quickly resolve it,” he adds.

The engines’ heritage extends back to GE’s more than 100 years of experience in building diesel locomotive engines. Also, to help insure reliability before final delivery, “each engine is tested on open waters, pulling 60 tons or more, to ensure they’re fully prepared for smooth operations,” Ghobrial explains.

Currently, GE’s diesel marine engines can be found here in the region driving powerful tugboats. These boats are helping major oil and gas companies in the region, including Saudi Aramco and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), ensure their vessels are moving like clockwork, Ghobrial says.

GE diesel marine engines also are attractive because their advanced technology means tugboats using these engines don’t carry the bulky and hazardous chemicals other engines require to meet exhaust emission standards. At the same time, these GE marine engines also have some of the lowest fuel consumption rates in the industry. This includes the recently unveiled 12-cylinder V250 Marine Diesel engine, an ecomagination-certified engine that reduces emissions by 50%.

For more on GE’s marine diesel engines for propulsion and gensets, click here.

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  1. Sheikh Abdul Rahim says:

    Please send me your local contact in Saudi Arabia. I wish to apply for the senior post in engines sales & service. I am a ex-employee of Wartsila for approximately 15 years & as a General Manager in Altuwairqi Energy, 120 MW PP, Dammam.


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