Powering Pakistan: Record Breaking Power Technology Arrives in Bhikki

Powering Pakistan: Record Breaking Power Technology Arrives in Bhikki

October 20, 2016 at 01:10pm

Pakistan is home to many Guinness World Records, including the fastest rising mountain, the youngest Nobel laureate and the fastest delivery of a cricket ball. It’s now also home to record breaking power generating technology from GE.

The second unit of the world’s most efficient heavy duty gas turbine, GE’s 9HA.01, has arrived in Pakistan to equip the 1,180 megawatt (MW) Bhikki Combined Cycle Power Plant in Punjab. The turbine follows an earlier unit that arrived in August, less than a year after the commencement of the Bhikki project. Both units are expected to enter commercial operation in 2017.

GE’s HA technology was recently recognized by Guinness World Records for powering the world’s most efficient combined-cycle power plant in Bouchain, France, based on an achieved efficiency rate of up to 62.22%.

The high efficiency of the turbines addresses two priorities of Government of Pakistan: to substantially increase power generating capacity in the country, and to do so in a manner that minimizes fuel imports.

Once complete, the Bhikki facility will help meet up to 20% of the current estimated power shortfall in the country. This supports a major goal of the government’s Vision 2025 to expand access to electricity to over 90% of the population.

Secondly, the efficiency of the gas turbines means the new plant will be able to produce this additional electricity in a manner that minimizes the amount of fuel required. This will help to save valuable foreign currency.

GE is a committed, long-term partner to Pakistan,working to help government and private sector customers address their challenges and to support Pakistan’s development needs, not only in power generation, but also in transportation, aviation, healthcare and oil and gas. Today, GE-built technologies help to generate about 25% of Pakistan’s electricity through various sources, including gas, wind and other sources.

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