Providing the Great Mosque of Algiers with Power, Heat and Cooling

Providing the Great Mosque of Algiers with Power, Heat and Cooling

August 31, 2018 at 02:08pm

The Great Mosque of Algiers will have the tallest minaret in the world and will be the largest mosque in Africa. Its power technology also will be distinctive. Its lower-carbon GE gas engines will not only generate electricity, but also provide heating and cooling.

GE Power’s four natural gas-fueled J320 Jenbacher gas engines will supply 4.25 megawatts (MW) of electricity. During the hot Algerian summer, the gas engines’ heat will be converted into cooling water by three absorption chillers to produce 6 MW of chilled water. The cold water will be used in the building’s air conditioning systems.

In the winter, the system will use the thermal energy radiating from the engines to produce 4.3 MW of heat to warm the complex. The religious site “Djamaa El Djazaîr” will be the third largest mosque in the Arab world—after Mecca and Medina—and will feature a minaret more than 265 meters tall.

GE’s tri-generation technologies will provide reliability, energy efficiency, and environmental benefits to the mosque and allow it to generate electricity, heat and cooling independent of the local power grid.

The project exemplifies the growing demand for advanced tri-generation technologies, not only in industrial settings, but also in the commercial and residential building sectors. 

The gas engine generators are expected to enter operation by the end of the year, in conjunction with the opening of the mosque.

The mosque complex, which will be built on a 218,525-sqm site near the Bay of Algeria, includes a multimedia library, a research center, meeting rooms, a prayer room able to accommodate almost 35,000 people, the minaret, a Quran school, residential facilities and a museum.

Clarke Energy, GE’s authorized Channel Partner of Jenbacher gas engines in Algeria, received the order from Turkish subcontractor AE Arma-Elektropanç.

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