Providing a Better View of Medical Imaging in Algeria

Providing a Better View of Medical Imaging in Algeria

February 16, 2016 at 03:02pm

Imagine giving your employee the equivalent of an extra day every week to get their work done. That’s effectively what Algerian radiologists could gain through new health-care imaging software recently introduced in the country by GE.

This “Enterprise Imaging” software allows for the reading, storing, viewing and management of all images and imaging data generated by all types of medical imaging technologies, irrespective of vendor, across all departments in a health-care organization or system.

These solutions are so powerful that, according GE analysis, they have the potential to increase doctors’ diagnosis confidence and accuracy by up to 10%; they reduce storage costs and improve image archiving by up to 20%, and they save up to 19% of radiologists’ time — thus effectively giving the radiologist an additional day of work time, given a five-day week.

In Algeria, GE Healthcare’s IT solutions are supporting the implementation of Enterprise Imaging solutions that bring important benefits such as collaborative care, which is particularly helpful in complex environments such as those sometimes experienced in Algeria. In the country, patients often receive treatment in challenging conditions that put pressure on time, workflow and resources of the radiology departments and other areas of the medical imaging and health-care facilities that treat them.

The first two Enterprise Imagining solutions coming to the Algerian market are Centricity PACS and PACS-IW with Universal Viewer. Both GE Healthcare technologies deliver a powerful integrated workspace for Algerian radiologists and clinicians working with medical imaging data. The Centricity PACS can improve productivity and efficiency by simplifying information access through a single centralized image repository. This simplifies work flows and gives easy access to prior exams.

The Centricity PACS-IW, which is an integrated picture archiving and communication system, improves imaging workflows and enhances patient safety, particularly in health-care facilities such as community hospital radiology departments, imaging centers and multi-specialty group practices.

By bringing these digital- and outcome-driven solutions to the Algerian market, where health-care institutions face growing needs, GE Healthcare is contributing to the continued evolution and development of health-system delivery in Algeria.

Elements of the broader Centricity suite of solutions leverages the power of Predix — GE’s software platform for the Industrial Internet — that can unlock further operational and clinical efficiencies and outcomes by unlocking the benefits of big-data analytics and connecting that to machines and people.

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