Power for the People: GE Seminar in Cairo Sparks Smart Solutions

Power for the People: GE Seminar in Cairo Sparks Smart Solutions

May 20, 2013 at 04:05pm

GE has over 40 years of operational experience in Egypt, with its office in Cairo, and over 200 employees in the country. From advanced power generation technology and services to contractual services agreements, this legacy as a partner in progress for Egypt’s future has never been clearer with its two-day Industrial Power Solutions seminar last week. Discussions covered distributed power solutions and the advanced technologies that will strengthen power sector efficiencies across the country.

The timing couldn’t be better. Today, the power sector faces the challenge of growing demand for natural gas within the country, both for domestic use as well as for energy-intensive industries. As such, renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind are increasingly important, as is improving the operational efficiencies of the existing power plants, and encouraging independent power producers and power production distribution by industries.

The Power Solutions seminar, held under the patronage of the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and the Ministry of Industry & Foreign Trade, showcased GE’s latest aeroderivative gas turbines, and gas & diesel engine technologies that can help address the challenges faced by the country’s power sector.

Sofiane Ben Tounes, President & CEO, GE, North East Africa explains: “Currently, GE’s advanced gas turbines help generate nearly 25 percent of Egypt’s total installed capacity.” That’s just one reason why aligning these operations with the energy strategy of the Government of Egypt is so important.

“Developing the solutions to enhance the efficiency and capacity of existing power plants” is essential, according to Ben Tounes, who considers the seminar an important step in tackling the energy challenge.

Among the highlights of the new technologies is GE’s PowerXpand, which consists of a trailer-mounted aeroderivative gas turbine generator set with containerized gas and diesel engine generator sets. These can operate on a range of fuels including natural gas and liquid distillate fuels. The portfolio helps deliver fast, efficient and flexible power to meet the needs of the customers quickly.

GE also presented Jenbacher gas engines, a leader in the 500 to 1,100 kW power range. With long service intervals, a maintenance-friendly engine design and low fuel consumption, it assures maximum fuel efficiency and is designed for fast, flexible installation.

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