Check-Up Iraq: The Challenge of Sustainable Healthcare

Check-Up Iraq: The Challenge of Sustainable Healthcare

March 26, 2013 at 10:03am

The healthcare field is dynamic and fast developing, especially in Iraq. Having experienced healthcare challenges in recent years, the country is on a determined path to revitalize its healthcare infrastructure.

Led by the government’s strategic vision, GE is focused on bringing more affordable and quality solutions to support the needs of the Ministry of Health and ultimately all Iraqi patients.

So how does more affordable, high quality healthcare come to life in Iraq? This is not a simple process. Firstly, it means increasing capacity in both primary and secondary care with new clinics and hospitals. Secondly, it means taking on the challenge of modernizing medical equipment in order to increase both healthcare quality and access to more Iraqi citizens. Thirdly, it means accommodating the country’s growing healthcare requirements through education and training. And lastly, more affordable, high quality healthcare comes to life when emerging healthcare challenges – like the rising incidence of non-communicable and lifestyle diseases – are taken on with smart solutions.

To highlight their commitment to localizing, scaling up and supporting infrastructure development in Iraq, GE sponsored the inaugural Iraq Health Summit earlier this month in Erbil. The event brought key industry stakeholders together, in a dialogue to further strengthen the country’s healthcare sector.

To learn more about GE Healthcare in Iraq, click here.

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