Picnics and Garages: Fertile Soil for Algeria’s Innovators and Makers

Picnics and Garages: Fertile Soil for Algeria’s Innovators and Makers

September 20, 2015 at 03:09pm

Time and time again, we see that the most fertile and productive places for innovation are those spaces that are shared by people and groups that don’t usually interact. This is the ethos behind ‘The PicNic’ and the reason why GE is bringing a “garage” to the open-air golf course venue.

The PicNic, a workshop and networking event in Algeria that looks to share best practices in blogging, podcasting and other types of online publishing, is bringing Algeria’s leading online influencers together with more traditional print media practitioners to explore the future of information.

GE, an event partner, will contribute to the broader atmosphere of innovation by running hands-on 3D-printing demonstrations through one of its GE Garages installations. As with its other presentations of GE Garages in Algeria and regionally, GE is looking to spark interest and build understanding of what the future offers in the field of Advanced Manufacturing.

The GE Garages workshop also supports GE’s drive to foster innovation in Algeria and to build the “maker” community in the country, thereby driving growth in the small and medium enterprise sector. Core elements of this include the I.D.E.A. (Industry and Entrepreneurship Development in Algeria) initiative that GE runs in partnership with Sonelgaz, Algeria’s National Electricity and Gas Company.

Alongside workshops from well-known Algerian bloggers, podcasters and digital designers, the GE Garages installation will allow visitors to experience 3D-printing by letting them choose a file to print, and then watch the printer create their “file.” Through this activity, and with the help of GE Garages experts, visitors to the Garage will learn first-hand how they can use 3D-printing technology.

Called The PicNic because the event is held outdoors at the Dely Brahim Golf Course in Algiers , organizers are hoping to create an informal environment that will foster collaboration, discussion and creative problem solving.

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