Partnering to Combat Non-Communicable Diseases in Kuwait

Partnering to Combat Non-Communicable Diseases in Kuwait

January 26, 2016 at 03:01pm

Opened in 1949, Al Amiri Hospital in Kuwait City is one of the oldest hospitals in the Gulf. Fully rebuilt in 1984, it is now undergoing an expansion that will double its capacity to more than 900 beds. GE Healthcare and local partner Advanced Technology Company are providing key imaging and diagnostic equipment that will help clinicians address the growing incidence of lifestyle diseases in the country.

GE Healthcare technologies includes PET/CT, MRI scanner and CT scanners, which will help doctors diagnose and treat non-communicable diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes, which account for 73% of fatalities in the country. Heart disease is by far the largest cause of death, accounting for 41%, with cancer second at 14%.

By using MRI, CT and PET/CT scan technologies that can enable healthcare professionals to potentially identify these diseases earlier, Al Amiri hospital has the potential to improve patient treatment and outcomes, as well as reduce the cost of treatment and provide an enhanced level of care to more patients. Currently the hospital treats 400,000 people a year.

Al Amiri is one of nine hospitals being refurbished and expanded by the Ministry of Health in line with the National Development Plan (Kuwait Vision 2035) to enhance healthcare capabilities and infrastructure to address a rising incidence of non-communicable diseases. The modernization of the hospitals, therefore, places a strong focus on enhancing diagnostic capabilities.

GE Healthcare announced details of the agreement during Arab Health 2016, the largest healthcare exhibition and medical congress in the Middle East.

Specific GE Healthcare equipment that is part of the expansion include the Discovery PET/CT 710, a hybrid imaging system that combines PET, which is used to record molecular activity that is indicative of rapid tumor growth, with CT, which focuses on anatomic location or the physical size of a tumor. This combined system can allow early indication of disease progression, and a patient’s response to treatment.

The Optima MR450w scanner is an MRI machine designed to provide a better patient healthcare experience by providing a wider and more comfortable area for lying more comfortable than in conventional scanners. The Revolution EVO is a CT scanner that allows clinicians to perform more exams in less time, while providing high quality images to clinicians and lower doses to patients.

Visitors to Arab Health 2016 can learn more about our these and other technologies supporting health-care providers in the region by visiting the GE Healthcare pavilion at Hall 3. Everyone else is invited to take a virtual tour of GE Healthcare’s pavilion.

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