Pakistan‘s 1,000th Jenbacher Engine, a Tale that Needs to be Told

Pakistan‘s 1,000th Jenbacher Engine, a Tale that Needs to be Told

March 26, 2014 at 12:03pm

In Pakistan, GE’s new Distributed Power business registers its 1,000th and 1,001st Jenbacher engine order in the country. This tale of distributed power comes with Tata Energy’s order of two 3.3-megawatt Jenbacher J620 cogeneration gas engines for Tata’s Salfi Textile Mills in Karachi. The two engines are expected to begin powering the plant in August.

Jenbacher engines help generate electricity in a more fuel efficient way as they recover heat. This means that the engine exhaust heat is used to produce steam for the mill’s production processes, while heat from the engine jacket water is used to produce chilled water for plant cooling. This technology aligns with the government’s goal in Pakistan of encouraging optimal use of natural gas. The engines also will help the plant reduce the cost of onsite energy generation and gain greater electrical efficiency of 43.5% in addition to enhancing the overall efficiency of the plant through the cogeneration concept.

With these two new units, GE’s Jenbacher engines now supply approximately 873 MW of power to Pakistan’s textile industry. Across the country, Jenbacher engines generate 1,445 MW of electricity powering some of Pakistan’s most important industries, including energy, chemicals and manufacturing.

Jenbacher engines are part of GE’s ecomagination portfolio of eco-friendly technologies and products. For more information on Jenbacher engines and GE’s Distributed Power division, click here.

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