Packaging Goes Digital in Saudi Plants

Packaging Goes Digital in Saudi Plants

May 17, 2017 at 12:05pm

Usually when you tear open a package or untwist a bottle cap, you’re focused on what’s inside. But the next time, stop to look at the packaging. It’s the result of some pretty complex manufacturing, and now GE is partnering with a major Saudi company to move this manufacturing into the digital age.

The Saudi-based Obeikan Investment Group, which produces packaging, paper and board, and plastics products, among other goods, will implement GE Brilliant Manufacturing solutions at two of its facilities.

Currently, data from these two factories is collected manually and then stored in different databases. GE’s Brilliant Manufacturing solutions will link all aspects of each plant into one intelligent, Industrial Internet system. Using data and analytics, the solution delivers operational insights that allow for precise, real-time information and decision-making.

The agreement will bring Obeikan unprecedented levels of efficiency and productivity. It also marks GE Digital’s regional expansion into the food and beverage and consumer packaged goods sectors.

Initially, the two Obeikan plants will be transformed, with the potential to scale and convert the group’s other plants across the Middle East, Africa and Europe in the future.

“Converting our factories into smart factories will enable us to make gains in terms of efficiency, and achieve manufacturing excellence,” said Sheikh Abdullah Obeikan, CEO of the Group. “We firmly believe that digitization of assets is the key to value creation – and we will continue to explore digital industrial solutions that enable us to achieve even higher growth in the Kingdom and across the region.”

Digital industrial solutions to be deployed – and powered by Predix, GE’s platform for the Industrial Internet of Things – include Digital Twin, a digital replica of physical assets and even entire factories; Asset Performance Management, which allows for more intelligent manufacturing operations through a complete view of assets; and ServiceMax, a cloud-based field service management solution.

Learn more about GE’s digital industrial solutions for companies in the energy, healthcare, transportation and manufacturing sectors across the region by clicking here.

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