Our Wealth Lies in Our Resources

Our Wealth Lies in Our Resources

December 24, 2013 at 02:12pm

A fruitful partnership has recently seen the light between “YAHOO Maktoob” and GE, aiming to add a new platform to its website “YAHOO Maktoob News” which already covers a range of topics including political and economic world news… Inspired by the achievements of GE and its commitment to the development of the region across various levels, the platform will focus on the natural, human and intellectual resources throughout the Middle East and North Africa, in a series of weekly articles and galleries.

Available only in Arabic, the platform is called, “ثرواتنا في مواردنا”, translating to “Our Wealth Lies in Our Resources.”

Each article will address a specific topic, such as natural gas production, oil and gas, electricity and solar energy, human capital etc…New themes will also be introduced on a weekly basis, covering the latest developments, innovations and challenges in various fields within the region.

To learn more visit http://maktoob.news.yahoo.com/ثرواتنا-في-مواردنا/

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