Our Mobile Future: RtOI, Webinars and Smart Phones

Our Mobile Future: RtOI, Webinars and Smart Phones

August 22, 2013 at 12:08am

Here’s an example of where technology is going and how it’s utterly transforming our work life. Using your smart phone or tablet, you can participate in a live streaming “webinar” about a new technology that lets managers control their plants’ operations remotely using those same smart phones and tablets!

In this case, the technology is RtOI (Real-time Operational Intelligence), an emerging industrial discipline that helps organizations transform the vast amounts of operational and enterprise data they are collecting into knowledge that they can use to make informed decisions in real time.

RtOI offers a paradigm shift to the way infrastructure and manufacturing operations work from the plant floor, through the operational center, to the executive dashboards. Using new technologies in visualization, mobility, analytics, and collaboration, RtOI increases the efficiency of operators, supervisors and executives by bringing the right knowledge to the right person – enabling action anytime, anywhere.

The webinar we’re referring to is being organized and led by GE and IDC on September 24. This free briefing will provide in-depth insights about the power of RtOI, and it’s coming from the very people that are on the cutting edge of RtOI application.

Participants will learn why calling RtOI a “paradigm shift” is not hyperbole. They also will be briefed on several attractive areas of RtOI application, include Geo-Intelligence Technology, Mobile Clients & Location Awareness, Intelligent Alarm Management, and Security as a primary concern.

For more information on the webinar and to sign up, click here. For more on GE’s solutions, including Proficy Mobile, click here.

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