Oman Powers Ahead Using a Successful Public-Private Partnership Model

Oman Powers Ahead Using a Successful Public-Private Partnership Model

May 05, 2013 at 06:05pm

Oman has developed quite a track record of independent power and water projects (IWPPs) and independent power projects (IPPs) across the country, as it seeks to keep up with strong demand that nearly doubled between 2004 and 2011. Demand grew by an average 9% a year, from more than 10,000MW a year to nearly 19,000MW a year. Peak power demand, meanwhile, grew at an average 8% rate, from about 2500MW to nearly 4200MW. Water demand, meanwhile has doubled from about 77 million cubic meters a year to 145 million cubic meters a year.

This partnership between government and the private sector has proved successful over the past decade for all parties. Progress is likely to continue as the government looks to meet even faster growing demand in the range of 10% a year as economic development and diversification gains momentum, and tourism and industrial projects continue to be delivered.

GE is supporting the IWPP sector, supplying advanced 6FA gas turbines, and long-term services for the Salalah Independent Water & Power Project. The project brings a capacity of 445MW of electricity and 15 million imperial gallons per day of desalinated water to help meet the region’s growing power and clean water needs.

In addition, GE is supporting Oman’s efforts to become a significant liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplier, having signed a multi-year service agreement for 16 years for 12 GE gas turbines at Oman LNG’s Qalhat Complex.

The Oman Power and Water Summit, now until May 7th, reviews the country’s growing demand for power and water, the opportunities made available by the IPP and IWPP model of public-private partnership to meet the country’s future demand, public policy issues, asset management and customer service.

For more on GE’s support for the energy sector in Oman, click here.

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