New Year’s Resolution: Shrink My Company’s Environmental ‘Waistline’

New Year’s Resolution: Shrink My Company’s Environmental ‘Waistline’

January 19, 2014 at 12:01am

Since we’re only a couple weeks into the New Year, there’s still time to make a New Year’s resolution. And this year, according to one web content monitoring firm, getting fit, losing weight and curbing addictions were the top resolutions for 2014, based on global web traffic.

But if you run a business and have resolved to make your company more “fit,” what you’re talking about is reducing waste, consuming less (electricity, water, paper, etc.) and shrinking your environmental “waistline.”

Individuals can turn to a variety of apps to help them keep their resolutions, while companies too can find apps to help them operate more sustainably.

But to take a really meaningful step toward sustainability in your business or home, your first stop should be to GE’s ecomagination portfolio of hundreds of products and services that help customers operate more efficiently and reduce resources consumption.

These extend from consumer-facing products such as GE’s appliances and our high-efficiency lights to industrial-scale energy systems and mobility solutions in aviation, rail and electric vehicles. GE also develops infrastructure such as smart-grid solutions that help customers use energy more efficiently.

Launched in 2005, ecomagination includes a GE commitment to making $10 billion in ecomagination-related R&D investments by 2015. By the end of 2012, it had already invested $5 billion, while 2012 revenue from the ecomagination portfolio totaled $25 billion.

GE will be featuring its ecomagination product portfolio at its stand (A400) from January 20-22 at the 7th World Future Energy Summit, one of several events that are part of the 2nd Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week..

For more on ecomagination, click here.

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