MENA’s Resource Abundance Includes Strong Public-Private Partnerships

MENA’s Resource Abundance Includes Strong Public-Private Partnerships

October 30, 2013 at 09:10am

Without doubt, the Middle East and North Africa region enjoys an abundance of energy resources – both hydrocarbon-based and renewable. The trick is figuring out the right balance and mechanisms for exploiting these resources in a way that will support sustainable development. This issue was a common theme in many conversations during the just concluded Annual Conference of the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED).

The annual report issued at this year’s conference looked at the state of energy in the region and provided a number of recommendations to help the Arab world “join the global clean energy club, exporting renewable energy in addition to oil and gas.”

Looking at ways to get to this goal, Tim Richards, Senior Executive for Government Affairs and Policy for GE Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, moderated a panel discussion on ‘Public-Private Partnerships and Financing the Transition to Sustainable Energy.’

He outlined GE’s two-pronged strategy for supporting sustainable growth and energy efficiency in the region: first, foster knowledge and skills sharing that includes GE’s ecomagination solutions; and second, nurture localized innovation that takes place on the ground at the hands of the region’s creative young minds.

For more on the AFED conference, click here. For more on GE’s active role to support sustainable development in the MENA region, click here.

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