MENA Region Plugs into Distributed Power

MENA Region Plugs into Distributed Power

March 24, 2014 at 07:03pm

“Distributed Power” sounds like a term you would hear in a political science class, but it’s actually one of the most important and dynamic fields in today’s energy sector. Particularly useful in the MENA region, distributed power can play a big role in support of renewable energy and is crucial to powering remote oil & gas installations.

To put it simply, distributed power is about creating local power using local fuels for faster, flexible, scalable and secure power generation. It is about bringing power generation right to where it will be used, primarily in off-grid and large industrial settings.

In this context, GE just announced the launch of its new Distributed Power business in the Middle East and North Africa region. Globally, GE’s Distributed Power business will invest $1.4 billion over four years and has three key product lines – Aeroderivative Gas Turbines, Jenbacher Gas Engines and Waukesha Gas Engines.

GE’s Aeroderivative gas turbines and Waukesha and Jenbacher gas engines can be installed in weeks and generate power in as little as five minutes. These onsite power generation solutions will enable regional industries to take the pressure off their national grids, freeing more power to meet peak-load requirements. They also reduce energy losses from transmission and distribution, thus delivering both economic and environmental benefits.

In the region, distributed power can be used in conjunction with renewable energy solutions with an important focus on countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt and Algeria. Distributed power also will support oil & gas companies, which use distributed power both to provide electricity to remote operations and to provide mechanical power to pump and compress gas. With the growing exploration of unconventional gas in Saudi Arabia, there are significant opportunities for GE’s Waukesha engines to help exploit that fuel source, replacing equipment that currently uses heavy fuel oil at drill rigs.

Heavy industry in the region also is looking increasingly to onsite power as an ideal solution to accelerate operational efficiency and benefit from the dual advantages of assured and reliable power supply.

For more on GE’s new Distributed Power business and its multibillion-dollar investment in this sector, click here.

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