Manufacturing Economic Development: From Welders to Supply Chain Managers

Manufacturing Economic Development: From Welders to Supply Chain Managers

March 12, 2018 at 11:03pm

Gas and steam turbines are incredibly complex pieces of equipment, requiring knowledge of advanced engineering techniques and materials. To build them in Algeria, GE Algeria Turbines (GEAT) – a joint venture between Sonelgaz and GE – is launching training initiatives to further strengthen the Algerian workforce and the local supply chain.

The announcement was made at a ceremony held in Algiers on March 11, 2018 in the presence of Mohamed Arkab, CEO of Sonelgaz; John Flannery, Chairman and CEO of GE; Alex Dimitrief, President and CEO of GE’s Global Growth Organization; Nabil Habayeb, President and CEO of GE MENAT; Mohammed Mohaisen, President & CEO of GE’s Grid Solutions business in MENAT; and Touffik Fredj, President and CEO of GE Northwest Africa.

The first initiative is in collaboration with the Technical Center Metal Construction (CTMC). Reflecting the high skill level required of welders who may work at GEAT, the CTMC training program is only for those who already have a technical or professional baccalaureate in welding, piping and/or boiler-work trades (sheet metal craft) or otherwise skilled workers with at least three to five years of professional experience in industrial welding and/or piping in the energy, metallurgy or oil and gas sectors. It focuses on ensuring competence in turbine auxiliaries welding and assembly processes. Up to 30 professionals will be chosen for the program every year, depending on business needs and the first group of candidates is expected to be selected in early April 2018.

GEAT will also join hands with Batna University to design the engineering curriculum of the upcoming National School of Engineering. Serving on the Steering Committee at the university, the GEAT team will help to design a program that aims to train students for production jobs in the power sector, especially in the field of supply chain quality management.

Additionally, in further capacity-building efforts, GEAT will place up to four of its engineers in GE’s Operations Management Leadership Program every year to develop their understanding of every aspect of the supply chain, including production, lean management, purchasing, quality and logistics. GEAT engineers will be integrated into the group of GE engineers following this program to accelerate their technical development.

The announced training initiatives are part of an ongoing commitment by GEAT to support capability development in Algeria. Most recently, between January and March 2018, GEAT delivered two training sessions for over 50 employees of the Société Algérienne de Production de l’Electricité (SPE), a subsidiary of the Sonelgaz Group.

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  1. Prah Isaac Kwesi says:

    This is a great initiative and I forecast it would go a long way to improve the standard of work performed by the craftsmen. Thanks


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