Lighting Young Minds in Interior Design

Lighting Young Minds in Interior Design

October 13, 2013 at 12:10pm

For most people, lights are just something you turn on so that you can see in the dark. But for lighting designers, “lighting is about creating a sense of place and atmosphere.” Put another way, a room’s lighting plays an integral part in how we feel about that room.

That’s why GE Lighting has signed an MoU with the American University of Dubai (AUD) to provide a number of initiatives at the university that will promote local talent, drive innovation and share the company’s knowledge, all in order to nurture a local talent pool of industry professionals.

These initiatives include a Light Experience Laboratory, a Design Council, a series of short lighting courses for professionals and students, and an annual student lighting design competition.

Under the MoU, GE Lighting will support a professionally designed Light Experience Laboratory at AUD that will feature the most-modern range of lighting systems, including GE’s advanced LED solutions that are environment-friendly and contribute to significant energy savings. The laboratory also will serve as a platform to host industry seminars and the short professional courses.

Working with like-minded business entities, GE will work with AUD to create a Design Council in Dubai that will serve as a repository of knowledge and hold lectures on the latest trends in lighting for students at AUD.

As well, GE Lighting will draw on its expertise and its US-based Lighting Institute to develop the content for the short courses. It is envisioned that at least 20 professionals annually will participate in the courses, which will be three to seven days long, and will be held at AUD. Design professionals, architects, interior designers, engineers, contractors and other industry stakeholders will be able to attend the course.

Also under the MoU, GE Lighting and AUD will organize a lighting design competition for students that will run on the sidelines of Light Middle East, the annual lighting industry exhibition and conference held in Dubai. GE and AUD also will host a student-focused conference on the sidelines of Light Middle East.

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