Lighting Lab Puts Lighting Design Under the Microscope

Lighting Lab Puts Lighting Design Under the Microscope

November 30, 2014 at 02:11pm

There is little debate that the most transformative technology to emerge from the harnessing of electricity was electric lighting. It was cleaner, safer and ultimately cheaper than previous lighting technologies and revolutionized human work and leisure.

The truth of this statement is demonstrated by how little we think about lighting. But while lights might not be top of our minds, they are a key focus for those who design our homes, offices and factories; the restaurants, sports stadiums and retail shops we visit; and the streets and highways we use. They know how much lighting can enhance our experience, our mood and even our safety.

Looking to support world-class illumination expertise in the region, GE Lighting recently opened the region’s first-of-its-kind “Lighting Lab” at the American University in Dubai. The lab provides a dedicated space to promote experimentation in lighting design, and also hosts live demonstrations to students and trainees, and holds workshops and courses on the newest trends in the global lighting industry.

GE lighting will be hosting  LED trainings and seminars dedicated to the students. Last year, GE Lighting and the American University in Dubai signed a Memorandum of Understanding to nurture design talent in architecture and interior design, both for students and lighting professionals. The lab is one element of the MoU. Another aspect is a Lighting Design Council, which was set up earlier this year and serves as a repository of knowledge about advanced lighting issues and hosts guest lectures on the subject for students at the university.

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