Kingdom in Context: Saudi Past and Present

Kingdom in Context: Saudi Past and Present

September 18, 2012 at 04:09pm

For well over half its 130-year corporate history, GE has been present in Saudi Arabia. That’s a long-term relationship by any standard.

It began with serving Saudi homes with GE refrigerators and light bulbs prior to the discovery of oil; it extended to the delivery of the Kingdom’s first gas turbine, and on to healthcare and transportation technologies. Generation after generation, GE has been on the ground in Saudi Arabia, collaborating with local partners to tackle the Kingdom’s toughest problems.

That rich history means that today:

  • Every 10 minutes, an aircraft powered by GE technology takes off in Saudi Arabia.
  • Nearly half the Kingdom enjoys electricity provided by 500 GE turbines.
  • More than 20,000 healthcare technologies are serving 90% of the Kingdom’s hospitals.
  • GE water solutions help deliver 180 million litres of clean water to Saudis everyday, even to the remotest corners of the Kingdom.

Beyond the high-tech hardware and advanced technologies, GE is actively supporting building the Kingdom’s human capital, in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2020.

So far, GE has invested almost SAR 1 billion in localization and manufacturing projects across energy, healthcare, aviation, power and water in Saudi Arabia, and has implemented a robust Saudization plan. This plan has enhanced the creation of a strong local workforce by bringing GE training to more than 3,000 Saudi professionals.

Elsewhere, GE has trained Saudi professionals in the energy, healthcare and aviation sectors and will train even more Saudi youth through partnerships with universities and vocational institutions.

Reading these figures and reviewing this history, the thing that’s so exciting is looking to the future. You can just imagine that the upcoming projects and collaborations will not only impress, but actually inspire through their innovation and impact.

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  1. Elliot Lewis says:

    Love the stats would be great to see these on more countries in the region. Very powerful


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