In Saudi Arabia, 28,000 Years of ‘Healthy Life’ Lost to Breast Cancer

In Saudi Arabia, 28,000 Years of ‘Healthy Life’ Lost to Breast Cancer

November 11, 2013 at 02:11pm

A shocking 15 million years of ‘healthy life’ were lost worldwide in 2008 due to women dying early from breast cancer or being ill with the disease, according to a recent GE study.

For women in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Africa, Mexico and Russia, the number of healthy years lost due to death was up to seven times greater than elsewhere in the world. In Saudi Arabia, 28,253 years of health life were lost in 2008, while in Turkey it was 151,802. ‘Healthy life lost’ is defined as the years lost due to premature death and being incapacitated by the effects of breast cancer.

GE Healthcare has created a clear and powerful infographic in English and Arabic that uses images to show how breast cancer impacts countries differently, depending on whether they are more developed or less developed.

Breast cancer is on the rise across developing nations, mainly due to the increase in life expectancy and lifestyle changes. In these regions, mortality rates are compounded by the later stage at which the disease is diagnosed, as well as limited access to treatment.

That’s why GE Healthcare is working with governments and health ministries across the region, and worldwide, to expand access to screening and improve public awareness. In this region, GE has engaged in many activities, including producing an Arabic-language video that addresses local sensitivities as it encourages women to get a mammogram. GE Healthcare also manages an Arabic-language website focused on breast cancer and the importance of early diagnosis.

For more on GE Healthcare’s products and solutions to help diagnose and treat breast cancer, click here.

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