In Egypt, GE Volunteers Reflect the Ramadan Spirit of Charity

In Egypt, GE Volunteers Reflect the Ramadan Spirit of Charity

August 12, 2014 at 12:08pm

Reflecting the spirit of charity and giving GE Volunteers in Egypt organized three activities that brought smiles and comfort to members of the community in need.

Just before the start of the holy month, a group of GE Volunteers organized a “Comfort for Kids” activity during which employees put together 50 stuffed animals from kits provided by GE’s international Comfort for Kids program. Seven volunteers then delivered 36 of the stuffed animals to the El Forquan Orphanage in Cairo, where they handed them out and spent time playing with the children. The remaining 14 stuffed animals were delivered to the Gannat El-Koloud kindergarten with which GE Volunteers has an ongoing relationship of cooperation.

During the first weeks of Ramadan, 11 GE Volunteers led a food distribution initiative that provided a full bag of staple food items such as cooking oil, beans, rice and tea to families living in the Manshiet Nasser district, one of Cairo’s neediest neighborhoods. Working in partnership with Nebny Foundation, the GE Volunteers purchased, bagged and delivered the food packages. A total of EGP 7,500 worth of food was distributed during the project.

Running in parallel to these events throughout the holy month, GE Volunteers held a clothes collection drive. They encouraged their colleagues in the office to bring in unused or gently used clothing that will be distributed during Eid Al Fitr period to needy families in collaboration with the Resala, Dar Al-Orman and Masr El Kheir charity organizations.

GE Volunteers work throughout the year to give back to communities across the region. Recent activities include a Ramadan food drive in the UAE, a “Comfort for Kids” activity at a Tunisian orphanage; a blood donation drive and support to a women’s weaving shop in Egypt; a “My Way to the Job Market” workshop for high school students in Saudi Arabia, and a cycling fundraiser for a special needs school in the UAE.

GE Volunteers is a global initiative of GE that works with local organizations to address social needs by inviting GE employees to contribute in ways that help build stronger communities. Globally, GE’s employees volunteer more than 1.3 million hours of community service every year.

For more on GE’s citizenship work to support communities across the region, click here.

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