In Algeria, Enthusiastic Learning for What Comes After Graduation

In Algeria, Enthusiastic Learning for What Comes After Graduation

December 10, 2015 at 01:12pm

No matter how good their academic education, smart university students are keenly aware how little they know about the world of work. This creates a great eagerness to learn about the workplace before they start their first jobs — something that four GE Algeria employees recently experienced first-hand.

Over two recent weekends, the four GE volunteers provided valuable real-world skills and advice in areas such as communication, job hunting and handling typical problems that come up in the workplace. In all, they spent 10 hours working with 30 students from the Na-tional Institute of Electricity and Electronics (INELEC) at the University of Boumerdes.

One of the GE volunteer trainers, Meriem Benziane, Communications Manager for GE Alge-ria, said that students had not previously had this type of training, so found the topics — which included communication skills, problem solving and job hunting — extremely useful. “They are from one of the best engineering schools, so sharing my experience with them and providing advice and tips, made me feel very proud and honored.”

“Knowledge transfer to those younger should be everyone’s responsibility and goal. At the same time, it’s a great personal experience, so I also advise employees with experience to do this type of training and mentoring,” the GE volunteer added.

“For example they were really engaged in the communication session because they hadn’t really understood how important communication is when dealing with people in the work environment, including with colleagues, bosses and teams. The same with workplace prob-lem solving, whether dealing with colleagues or completing their daily work tasks,” Meriem said. “We advised them on how to use creativity to find solutions.

As for job hunting, the workshop offered advice on how to find a job or an internship and gave them some tools they could use to be prepared.

The training program with the INELEC students is one outcome from an agreement that GE and Injaz El Djazair signed in October to identify ways for GE and its employees to support Injaz El Djazair’s efforts to promote job training and development and entrepreneurship to Algerian youth, as well as to provide real-world workplace skills.

This most recent training was part of the Injaz “Steer Your Career” program that targets high school and university students with workshops to give them the skills both to find a job and then operate effectively once employed. Volunteers from the public and private sectors work directly with students to bridge the gap between classroom learning and workplace skills.

Since it began operating in Algeria 40 years ago, GE has supported job training and development, readiness, technical skills advancement, and management and leadership training for Algerians, through internal programs for GE employees, as well as external programs in sectors such as healthcare, power and water, and oil and gas.

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  1. walid kherbouche says:

    All GE Algeria's event take place on algiers !!!

  2. SAMIA says:

    Very good initiative !!! I also suggest to coach students and recent graduates for external programs. as we know that the educational system in Algeria is very poor in terms of study cases, training, projects, ... compared to Middle East universities. Thanks

  3. GE Hewar says:

    Thanks Samia :)


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